On the last weekend, the renowned BeerTasting Event was held for the 3rd time in Salzburg and we daresay that it was indeed a huge success! So, what are our plans for 2019?

Over 2000 beer nerds came together for the event, which spanded 2 days and was once again located in the Panzerhalle (eng. tank hall), a former facility for military vehicles. At the event, BeerTasters were able to taste over 200 different beers stemming from over 25 breweries!

These numbers tell their own tale – for us, it was obvious that we want to continue our tradition of making Salzburg a beer metropolis for a 4th time in 2019!

Save the date: 18. & 19. Oktober 2019

We thank you for coming and look forward to meeting you guys again next year!

Yours truly,

KALEA & BeerTasting Team