KALEA Bieradventskalender: The winners are drawn!

Bieradventskalender Edition Germany

Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Aventinus

This full-bodied, dark ruby-coloured wheat beer is intense and full of fire, warming, balanced and soft. It is the oldest wheat Doppelbock in Bavaria – since 1907! Its strong body in combination with its malt-aromatic sweetness offers real deep enjoyment – an ingenious combination, perfectly drinkable. Also goes well with hearty, dark roasts and sweet desserts.

Bieradventskalender Edition Austria

Stiegl Columbus 1492

Columbus 1492 Pale Ale stands for the new taste of beer and combines drinkability, freshness and hop-fruity intensity. The top-fermented beer speciality captivates with its light colour and fine cloudiness. The slim body and the hop-fruity taste make you want to take the next sip.

Bieradventskalender Editions Craft GER & INT

Hoppebräu New England Pale Ale

Hoppebräu enriches the traditional craft of brewing through creative thinking and new techniques. By means of this innovative way of working, extraordinary beers are created. Hoppebräu wants to show the consumer what is behind the production of this complex beverage. This New England Pale Ale from Bavaria is lemon-yellow and heavily clouded, the foam is coarse and stable. The aroma is fruity and hoppy. The body is quite light, with a finely sparkling, pronounced carbonation.

Brewer’s Advent Calendar

Dietrachinger Schwarze Tinte

The roasted malt of the “Black Ink” stout balances between fine cocoa notes and freshly roasted coffee. This beer is brewed only with Soriachi Ace, which with its coconut notes blends finely into the crema of the roasted malt. The Black Ink is the perfect beer to accompany desserts and sweets. With the Black Ink, Martin Seidl has created an awarded and excellent delicacy!