The beer style Helles

is probably the most typical form of lager beer in Germany. Characterized by a pale colour, little bitterness and a high drinkability, the Helles is a popular beer style in general and great as a refreshment. The Helles is very common especially in Bavaria – some malicious tongues even claim that only the Bavarians can make a really good Helles. Is that true? We don’t want to take sides 😉

As a matter of fact,

all 8 Hellen in the new Männer-Handtasche Hell are top-of-the-shelf beer specialties and have been hand-picked after countless tastings.

Included are:

Schwarzbräu Marie Hausbrendel
Ayinger Lager Hell
Bürgerbräu Gustl Bayrisch Hell
Flötzinger Hell
Fürst Carl Urhell
Hohenthanner Tannen Hell
Maxlrainer Original Maxl Helles
Schnitzlbaumer Lagerbier Hell

(All breweries are from Bavaria and are privately managed)

All beers were bottled in the 0.5l EURO bottle to give the tasting experience a rustic touch. The oldschool beer bottle has recently been used more often by German breweries again – a development that we like very much!