NEW and only available at REWE

Our brand new Craft Beer Box is now in stock! The stylish cardboard packaging
is filled with 4 German craft beer specialities, 2 of which stem from Bavaria.

Every box includes a tasting guide as well, enabling amateur beer tasters to properly
savour the included specialty beers, but even advanced sommeliers might learn a thing or two!

Included beer specialties:

Bosch Propeller Turbo Prop
(Imperial Pilsner, 6,5% vol.)

Landgang Pils
(Pils, 4,9% vol.)

Dirndl Bräu Schürzenjäger
(India Pale Lager, 5,1% vol.)

Nittenauer Amanda Zwickel Pils
(Zwickel/Kellerbier, 5,1% vol.)