The BeerTasting Event 2018 – a reminiscence


On the last weekend, the renowned BeerTasting Event was held for the 3rd time in Salzburg and we daresay that it was indeed a huge success! So, what are our plans for 2019? Over 2000 beer nerds came together for the event, which spanded 2 days and was once again located in the Panzerhalle [...]

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The BeerTasting Event 2018


Beer enthusiasts from all around Salzburg won't have to wait much longer! Tomorrow and the day after, the BeerTasting event is taking place for the third time in the "Panzerhalle" in Salzburg, one of the most popular locations for all sorts of events and concerts. Over 25 breweries will present their beer specialities, giving [...]

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Brewer’s Advent Calendars are on their way


Our first batch of Brewer's Advent Calendars is on its way to the USA! Each calendar includes 24 different beer specialities from German private breweries, most of which were exclusively canned for KALEA! The calendars are available at Costco and many other retail shops!

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The BeerTasting App for Android & iOS


The BeerTasting.Club App ...for Android and iPhone The brand new app from BeerTasting.Club lets you rate, save and discuss your favorite beers! All you need to do is download the app, scan the can or the bottle with your camera and start rating! Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store! [...]

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