The BeerTasting Event will be held for the 5th time in 2020 and has established itself as a permanent fixture in the beer scene.

On these two days everything revolves around the topic of beer.

The beers are the stars!

The BeerTasting Event 2020 in Salzburg’s Panzerhalle with over 2,000 visitors will be even more spectacular than last year and with over 35 national and international breweries, Salzburg will once again be transformed into a beer metropolis on 15-16 October 2020.

The Panzerhalle is the perfect place for a beer festival: an historical industrial building in the guise of modern architecture, very good public transport connections and plenty of parking space.

Great beer variety, great people and a unique atmosphere!

KALEA's Recommendation
Crack open a cold one to bide the time

We offer our visitors the opportunity to inform themselves about the topic of craft beer as well as spirits and to taste them in the unique ambience of the Panzerhalle Salzburg.

But also the physical well-being is well taken care of, because for the first time there will be food stands directly in the BeerTasting Event Hall!

Friends of wine, Prosecco & Co. will be well catered for with a large wine stand this year. From time to time a digestible hop secco will be presented.

This time, the “Eurumer Banditen” will provide for an exuberant atmosphere on both days with their musical delights!

Admission only from 18 years of age!

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