Out now: Our Tasting Box! It includes everything a proper beer tasting needs!

Filled with 10 beer specialities and 2 BeerTasting tasting glasses, this box offers a complete beer tasting in a single carton. Naturally, our tasting guide is included as well, making the Tasting Box a great gift for beer nerds & beer noobs alike!

KALEA Tasting Box


The constellation of beers within these boxes is updated frequently in order to be able to offer the maximum possible variety – as a result, we cannot specify exactly which beers are going to be included in each box. If you have ever had the chance of testing one of our boxes or calendars, however, you will know that we never disappoint with our selections.

The Tasting Box at a glance:

  • 10 different beer specialities à 0,33l
  • 2 BeerTasting tasting glasses
  • Includes tasting guide
  • High-quality carton box
  • Perfect gift for beer nerds & beer noobs alike


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