Edition 2019 (only available in Germany)

This advent calendar was created for our customers from Germany who prefer cans over bottles.

The calendar contains 24 cans of unique German beer that is unavailable in regular retail stores. The beers come from privately-owned breweries all over Germany. The philosophy of Kalea is to promote beers from small (craft-) breweries that are not available in regular supermarkets. Next to popular beer styles such as Pils or Helles you will also find Pale and Dark Weizen, a Pale Ale, a German Stout, a Bock and a Weizenbock in this calendar.

The Brewer’s Advent Calendar will be available only in Germany and only for a limited period of time.

Download our BeerTasting app now and join us to be an official BeerTaster!

The BeerTasting App is a new beer-rating platform powered by Kalea and a must have for all beer lovers, beer fetishists, beer fans and beer connoisseurs. In this app, you will find detailed information of each beer that is included in our beer calendars. Just scan the label of the beer bottle/can, read beer reviews from other users and enjoy your beer on a higher level. On the 24th of December, you will be able to review your ratings and thus find out, which beer you liked most!

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The BeerTasting App for iOS & Android

BeerTasting.Club is the first German-language platform for rating beer. All you need to do is place a beer bottle of your choice in front of your smartphone camera – the app-integrated scanner recognises the bottle at the press of a button. The beer is now being displayed on your screen, along with useful information like alcohol content, beer style, bitterness (IBU) and more. Stop drinking, start tasting!

Bier-Adventskalender EDITION DEUTSCHLAND


The classic German edition of our Beer Advent Calendars features predominantly quality German beers and is unmatched in the matter of variety & exclusivity.



The Austrian edition of our Beer Advent Calendars features solely quality Austrian beers from micro breweries that are particularily hard if not impossible to find on the regular market.

Adventskalender EDITION BAD SANTA


This strictly-limited Beer Advent Calendar features the awesome “Bad Santa” motif and is especially popular among those who are young…and those who are young at heart.



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