Edition 2019 (available in the USA, Canada, Taiwan and the UK)

This advent calendar was created for all beer lovers outside of Germany!
The calendar contains 24 cans of unique German beer that is not available in regular retail stores. The beers come from privately-owned breweries all over Germany. The philosophy of Kalea is to promote beers from small (craft-) breweries that are not available in regular supermarkets. Next to popular beer styles such as Pils or Helles you will also find Dark Weizen, a Pale Ale, a German Stout, a Bock and a Weizenbock in this calendar.
In the USA the Brewer’s Advent Calendar is available at Costco and other retail shops. In Canada you can order the calendar online on the site of our partner HHDImports, or you drop them an email In Taiwan you will find them at Costco. In the UK you can order them online via Groupon.

Independent German Breweries

Kalea is collaborating with independent craft breweries only. No beers from any multinational brewery is included in this pack. Each beer is unique and filled into the can especially for  this calendar. Because most of the breweries in Germany do not have a machine for filling cans Kalea has organised the transport of the beer from one brewery to the other in order to fill them into cans.

On 18th/19th of November 2019 the BeerTasting Event took place in Salzburg. All brewmasters of the Brewer’s Advent Calendar have been invited by Kalea. Each brewmaster has been interviewed about his beer from different beerbloggers (ProbierTV; die Bierprobierer; Calle4Alle). Check out our BeerTasting.APP to see all the interesting and funny interviews.

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The BeerTasting app is a recently re-launched beer-rating platform powered by Kalea and a must have for all beer lovers, beer fetishists, beer fans and beer connoisseurs. In this app you’ll find mind-blowing information about each beer included in our beer calendars. Just scan the label of the beer bottle/can, read beer reviews from other users and enjoy your beer on a sophisticated level. On the 24th of December you then can review your ratings and thus find out which beer you liked most!

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Why is German beer so popular?

In Germany beer has to be brewed following the regulations of the “German Purity Law” dating back to the year 1516. Rick, the importer of the Brewer’s Advent Calendar, tells you in this video, why the beers in the Kalea calendar are so special.

To find out more details about our calendar, download the BeerTasting APP and check out our Facebook and Instagram sites.

For 2020 we are looking for an online shop partner in the USA. Just drop us an e-mail if you can recommend an online shop that wants to offer our calendars.

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