Kalea Team


KALEA is a young team of beer nerds from Austria and Germany that aims to both make the market (more) aware of the massive diversity that beer has to offer, and also provides craft/micro/gypsy-breweries and brewers with a platform they can offer their beer specialities on.

The KALEA Beer Advent Calendar has been on the market since 2010 and has become somewhat of a cult product – it surprises with an assortment of beers that is completely different each and every year. Our “Bierabo”, a subscription-based service that lets subscribers taste 12 different beers from all over the world on a monthly basis.

What we want

Our values

  • to make other beer nerds happy, most of all
  • to promote and support our regional & national beer culture
  • to raise awareness of the great diversity beer has to offer
  • to create fertile soil for potential beer connoisseurs
  • to offer craft/micro/gyspy-brewers a stage on which they can present their beer specialities and breweries in an adequate manner
  • to make sure our products contain mainly beers from hand-crafting breweries and brewers
  • to support and preserve both traditional and modern brewing methodes
  • …long live diversity!
  • Preservance of beer culture
  • Authenticity, transparency and honesty
  • Fairness towards our customers and partners
  • Beer-patriotism
  • Diversity and specialty
  • Promotion of art of brewing
  • Candidness towards incitements, input and constructive criticism
  • Never to stop our search for new innovations

Mag. Peter Reimann

Manager & CEO

Alexandra Reimann

Procurement, logistics & accounting

Manuel Mutschler

Sales & key account manager

Mag. Maria Tiefgraber

Order processing, article master data & customs

Sabine Pojer

Management assistance, customer service

Doris Roider, BA

Customer service, onlineshop

Mag. Robert Adelsburg

Marketing & project management

Mag. Stefan Hofmann

Project manager

Nadine Unger

Customer service sales partner trade & social media marketing

Peter Reimann sen.

Shipment processing

Thomas Pojer

Shipment processing

MMag. Lukas Niedermayr

Project manager

Maximilian Frank

Shipment processing & marketing

Mag. Dr. Paco

Rubber ball manager

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